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By Raul Faria

We had a great turnout for our 2nd roundtable and I want to thank everyone for participating. I also want to extend a very big thank you to Jennifer Kelly from Disaronno for sponsoring the event and sharing with us the history of Disaronno and for also sponsoring our Afan AIDS walk team. Thank you also to Sergio and Tim from the Barrymore for hosting us at their beautiful venue and extending a 20% discount to members wearing their USBG pins.

Disaronno certainly has one of the most interesting and romantic origin stories. In 1525 painter Bernadino Luini, who was a painter in Leonardo Da Vinci’s circle, was commissioned to paint a fresco of the Madonna of Miracles in Saronno, Italy.

He was in need of a model and discovered a local inn keeper that was perfect for the painting. The inn keeper was so grateful that she was chosen to be immortalized in the fresco as the Madonna that she presented the painter with a bottle of her family’s recipe for a liqueur with the flavor of sweet almonds, herbs and fruits. This was Disaronno.

Disaronno we learned is not made from almonds at all but actually milled apricot pits, vanilla and cocoa beans along with a secret recipe of herbs and fruit.

We had a few important announcements and also addressed all of the concerns from our first roundtable.

We announced our search for the USBGLV Ambassador to join the council. The USBGLV Ambassador will be tasked with reactivating old members and engaging new ones. They will also be in charge of organizing social functions and of course recruitment.

The event classification system was launched. This will help quickly identify the content of an event with a quick tag.

Educational– a seminar or event in which the content is considered educational by way of a guided tasting, lecture, any activity that is relevant to the understanding of the seminar topic or any combination of those elements.

Party/Happy Hour– an event in which its content is considered recreational and focused on recreational consumption of beverage alcohol or other leisure activity.

Educational/Party– a seminar or event that will combine elements of both tags.

We also announced our website Which you are obviously aware of. Since you’re on it right now. has all our member spotlights collected, our events calendar, the USBGLV store, details on the USBG MA program, plus our Instagram and Twitter feeds. @USBGLV

We also went over the next USBGLV Workshop Series: MA Program that will be held July 1st. For those that are planning to take Advanced Bartender at Tales,  this will be an INVALUABLE resource for understanding and passing the exam. You will hear from Michael Pryzdial and Tim Weigel who will share with you there personal experiences with the MA Program. We will also get hands on practice with feedback and guidance from Livio Lauro, Bobbie Gleason and Tony Abou Ganim! Now is the best time to take the Advanced Bartender exam, but you must first pass Spirits Professional. Its an online exam that can be taken any time. Study your MA books and get on it!

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We had an amazing turnout for our very first USBGLV AIDS walk team. We raised over $3,000 for AFAN! Big thank you to our team sponsors Disaronno, Absolut, Herbs & Rye and Elyx for donating $2000 to the cause and putting up some fantastic prizes for the winners.

Lets also take a second to recognize the members who walked that day and raised over $1,000, Juyoung Kang, Tim Weigel, Nick Sanchez, Wan Requena, Caio Fuganholi, Ramon Ordonez, Raul Faria, Adam O’Donnell, Matt Graham, SeongHa Lee, Keith Baker, Arturo Marquez, Bill Janisse, Cody Fredrickson, Te Anne Lakeotes and Keely Bond. We also had donations from Tony Abou Ganim and Joy Herrin.

Stay tuned to find out who the winners are of the fundraising contest!

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