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By Raul Faria

The USBGLV recently got the opportunity to sample some of Tieton Cider’s core craft line of products and learn what makes a craft cider, well, craft. Sales Manager V.P. os Sales and Marketing Braden Andreas gave us an overview of the organic farming techniques and long history of the family farm where all the apples and of course the cider come from. The apples themselves are also quite unique and help separate Tieton from some of the more commercial brands.

Harmony Farms

Organically grown in Yakima Washington for the last 25 years on a farm that began operation in 1920. The apples grown there are varietals that were used to make the kind of cider that was consumed in colonial times. These particular wild apples are typically not suited for raw consumption as they are pretty bitter, they do however make a cider that is full of flavor and complexity.

The Apples

Farmers Craig and Sharon Campbell began by planting 25 different varieties of bitter sharp/sweet cider apples and narrowed it down to ten that are used in their craft line. They also are one of the few farms in the U.S. that grows genuine perry pears for use in their sparling perry.

The Ciders

Tieton Cider has a diverse portfolio of Ciders, Perrys and even desert wines. They event make a session cider called Rambling Route. Click here to check out the entire portfolio.

Cider Shake

Cider Shake is a cocktail competition accepting recipes as we speak. Rules are simple, use any of the Ciders in the portfolio with the exception of Rambling Route, film a small video of you making it and post it to YouTube. Get the most likes and win $2000. With plenty of variety and flavor profiles I am really excited to see what our members will come up with. Deadline is December 31st. Click here for the complete set of rules.

For more information on Tieton Cider and the Cider Shake competition go to You can also reach out to Braden Andreas at Tieton Cider is distributed through Wirtz Beverage.




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