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Ferraro’s Italian Restaurant has long been a Las Vegas staple for delicious Italian food, wine & spirits. And for the upcoming Negroni Week, it is a perfect fit.

For the week of June 6-12 you can drink the most iconic aperativo and do it for charity! Ferraro’s is featuring a Negroni with the complex & citrus-forward, Tanquerey Ten, classically bitter Campari, and the Cocchi’s Barolo Chinato.

Many are familiar with the classic vermouth, Cocchi Americano, but the Chinato is cut from different cloth. Chinato is the Italian word for Quinine which makes up a good part of the flavor profile of this high end and rare aromatized wine. It fetches a high price, partly due to its use of the “King of Italian Reds” which is Barolo. This powerful, earthy and tannic red makes up the backbone of the Chinato and bolsters an already savory and delicious cocktail.

When you stop in, ask for chapter member Brege Reilly to stir you up some magic!


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Mmm… Wake up and smell the Negroni!

During Negroni WeekOak & Ivy is not to be missed. Located in one of the newer and most unique sections of Las Vegas, the Container Park, it is a vital component of East Fremont Street which has become a the new cultural heartbeat of Las Vegas.

Since the bar’s inception, it has been a flag holder for the art of the craft and will forever be intertwined with Las Vegas bar culture. It is not surprising that Oak & Ivy will be participating in Negroni Week with a very tasty selection.

At Oak & Ivy, you’ll find the “Spanish Roast Negroni” ready for service. It contains the wonderfully aromatic Yzaguirre Bianco Vermouth, with the Yerba Matte infused Apostole Gin, and classic Campari; the is all dripped through Cafe Bustelo using a Japanese slow drip coffee infuser.

So come down to Oak & Ivy June 14-17 to sip and savor your newest favorite “morning” Negroni.


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Oh Negroni Week… Another stellar reason to drink the world’s perfect cocktail!

This year’s weeklong charity event is continuing to expand venues and proliferate palates all over the city. What is your best bet on the Fremont experience? Oscar’s Steakhouse. The Downtown neo-classic not only features one Negroni but has an entire Negroni menu!

The one to look out for is the Popeye Doyle’s Negroni. The bright bitterness of Campari is offset by Bordeaux’s favorite aromatized wine, floral and delicate, Lillet Blanc. It is all combined with dry and triumphant bubbles; the champagne whose effervescence acts as an enticing flavor accelerator.

As it says on the menu, Popeye Doyle’s Negroni, “If you are on a train, being chased through France, this is the cocktail you want on your side.”


13313880_1175807169117416_1351817386_o   G.M. Jason Gordon



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The time is almost here for Negroni Week.

Now in it’s 4th year, #NegroniWeek features venues world-wide, with multiple variations of the ubër-cocktail. All in the name of charity, it is a dam good time. The USBG has again partnered with  Campari & Imbibe Magazine to make this glorious week happen, and in 2015, helped raise over $350,000.

This year, Las Vegas has a plethora of choices when it comes to flavor and locales to enjoy the week. The first one that we would like to feature is the Sand Dollar. Located on Polaris and Spring Mt, it is a favorite of industry professionals and civilians alike. It is the perfect place to imbibe for a cause!


Lead Bartender and USBGLV Member, Jessica Westergom:

“We kept our featured Negroni super classic with the exception of adding a barrel aged element to it. We used a spiced Amaro to season our American Oak barrel before adding Campari, Tanqueray Gin, and Carpano Antica Vermouth- all equal parts. We stir and prefer to serve over one large rock with a fresh orange swath, but if a guest prefers it up, we’d be happy to serve it that way also. We chose Shade Tree as our charity of choice for Negroni week.”


Be a part of history! #NEGRONIWEEK

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Event Preview

February 11th: Food Truck Cocktail Wars -Competitor Spotlight


Ryan Clark


“I can’t wait for the event! It’s something new and exciting for me. I’ve worked in restaurants and pubs before but have mainly worked in high volume night clubs for the past 20 years. What brought me to Las Vegas from Canada was flair bartending, which I have been doing for 10 years. I am very used to being on stage and having a great time with an audience or guests.”

What is your game plan for the event?

“On my side of things, I plan to make a great cocktail that goes down easy, smells great and pairs perfectly with the food. I am doing something simple in order to get it out fast and easy but isn’t boring. I will definitely use all the tools in my bag to get as many crowd favorite chips as we can.”

What do you enjoy about food & cocktail pairings?

“The best part for me is that moment you find a new flavor that wasn’t in the cocktail or dish before having them together.”

Tell us about the spirit that you will be using?

“I get the privilege of using Tito’s handmade Vodka from Texas. I am excited to make a great cocktail in a spirit category that most mixologists want overlook.”

And your Chef partner?

“My new chef is Mell “Boots ” Johnson from Yardbird.”

For more information:

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For the Love of Cocktails is almost here! It is three nights of wine, food, cocktails & celebration for charity. Smack dab in the middle of the event, is the Food Truck Cocktail Wars/Downtown Bar Crawl brought to you by the Las Vegas chapter of the USBG and Back Bar USA. This event allows chef and barman to come together in support of the Helen David Relief Fund. Cocktails and Dishes prepared by some of the best in the business will be paired together for heavenly results. The best one will take home the title!

Thursday, February 11th 10PM!

Here’s a preview on two of the competitors:

Team #1: Representing FAIR Spirits and The Goodwich -Rob Amato & Joshua Clark

Cocktail Ammunition/Spirit Sponsor: Ron Zacapa


“I’m very excited about the event. The last 2 years, I have worked at two boutique wholesalers; At one, I was a Spirits Manager and the other, I was the Director of Beverage Development. Currently, I am the Brand Ambassador for FAIR Spirits here in Nevada. Without giving to much away, my game plan is to create a cocktail that compliments the chefs creation. We have met and have discussed strategy. As much as I want to give a preview, I don’t really want to give anything away.”

Rob Amato


“We are all excited for the event and it should be fun! Although we are competitive, we are also excited to be a part of it and look forward to cooking with fellow friends at this event. Our game plan is to have fun and make it a fun experience for all the guests. I am certain we can all provide some tasty bites and sips for the masses!! We have a theme and we have synergy; we will have a great time with all involved. It’s about the teamwork between Bartender and Chef when they come together to create a delicious pairing and then share it. That is both the challenge, and the best part!!”

Chef Joshua Clark


For tickets and info:

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For the Love of the Cocktail is well on the way to building a legacy. Every year since its conception, For the Love of the Cocktail’s attendance numbers have grown and the event has gained much acclaim. It is a continuation of the legacy of Helen David, and supports breast cancer awareness, while doing it with a lot of style.

This year the Las Vegas chapter of the USBG is again a proud partner with For The Love Of Cocktails which now has expanded from one event to a three-day long cocktails-for-charity festival. It brings together minds from all over the world with our own vibrant beverage community, all in support for a vital community program.

Out of the many happenings, one of the most alluring events is the USBG Downtown Bar Crawl and Food Truck Cocktail War. It is sure to delight both casual cocktailians as well as bona fide cocktail nerds with a one-of-a-kind culinary/mixological experience.

It is taking place Thursday, February 11th in Downtown Las Vegas. With leadership from our very own chapter of the United States Bartenders’ Guild, this unparalleled event brings together booze slingers from some of the top bars in the city with Las Vegas-based world class chefs. It will be an all out food truck smackdown equipped with savory sippers, tantalizing tangy tasters and all of the competitors will be sure to bring the goods!

The chefs and mixologists are already strategizing for this culinary feat of strength; I spoke with one of the teams which includes Gina Marinelli of D.O.C.G. and USBG member Julian Luna. Gina, who is a very talented and veteran competitor exclaimed, “I am very excited to participate in this event. My game plan is to stay focused and have a lot of fun with this competition. I believe my experiences in previous competitions will help me settle any nerves and keep me calm. I love cooking on food trucks and enjoy great battles. This keeps me young and on my toes!” Her partner Julian Luna added, “I think our game plan will be to learn about who we are as a people and to play off our individual styles. Of course, hospitality will be a huge focus. We need to make sure we create a show with a warm inviting atmosphere. I won’t call it a preview, but just know that anything we do will catch your eye and cause you to think!”

While cocktails and food pairings are under-utilized in the culinary and beverage world, USBG and BackBar realize this and are again pushing the boundaries regarding the craft of bartending. They realize that the opportunities for flavor proliferation and acceleration are astounding. The use of spice and flavors, compounding together has the potential to bring you to the pinnacle of flavor but if not used correctly can fall flat on their face. Julian Luna added, “I think this event is necessary to revitalize restaurants in general; many are one sided and to win this event you have to showcase a marriage between the two: restaurant and bar; good, good and good drinks!”

For all those who attend, the chefs will be serving samples of their culinary delights paired with the cocktails of the mixologists. The truck as a team will be judged on the pairings and all six teams will be vying for the perfect pairing as well as the Grand Prize of $1500. The three judges will be comprised of front & back of the house and a very special guest. There is also a crowd favorite prize of $500 bucks for the team that can most successfully woo the crowd!

The event will also include a multi-venue bar crawl and drinks made by cocktail god and champion for the cause, Tony Abou-Ganim. The Vegas icon will be preparing Helen David’s famous Tom & Jerry Cocktail! This unique cocktail is a blend of a brandy, spiced rum and holiday spices and is served hot. All proceeds from the Tom & Jerry stand will go directly to the Helen David Relief Fund. Ticket sales proceeds will go to the USBGLV and $5 of every ticket will go directly to the Helen David Relief Fund.

For ticket sales and information, click here.

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