All posts for the month September, 2016

Tim Lieuw  recently joined the Bartenders Guild and tends bar at the Monte Carlo. We had the chance to speak at the latest USBGLV new member mixer where his enthusiasm and love for the craft were abundant.

What is your approach to bartending?

“I see bartending as an artist combined with a chef. The beauty of our creation along with the complex flavor combinations keeps me loving the craft more and more as I learn.”

What do you want to gain from the joining the USBG?

“I been in the shadows learning on my own, I believe it is time to meet more people with the same passion and push me to another level. I hope I get to meet everyone in the USBG!”

What is your go to cocktail?

“My favorite cocktail to make for myself is a negroni or a gimlet.”

Be sure to say hi to Tim at the next USBGLV event or behind the bar at the Monte Carlo.


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