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On a cool December morning, a dozen mixologists and USBG members got together at RX Boiler Room in the name of competition and to celebrate many of FAIR‘s spirits. RX Boiler Room has been a champion for our local cocktail renaissance just as FAIR has been for products made with integrity. All of FAIR’s products are certified fair trade and made with Non GMO ingredients which proves that profits and passion can coexitst.

The prizes:

1st place 250.00 cash, a copper Persian shaker and a Guest shift at RX Boiler Room
2nd place 150.00 cash and a copper Persian shaker
3rd place 100.00 cash and a copper Persian shaker
4th place a copper Persian shaker
5th place a copper Persian shaker

The Products:
FAIR Quinoa Vodka- made from Certified fair trade Non GMO Red Quinoa from the foot hills of Bolivia, distilled in a column still in Cognac France.
FAIR 5 year old Belize Rum – Made from Certificated fair trade High test molasses from sugar cane from Belize, distilled in a hybrid still, pot and column still aged for 5 years
FAIR Goji Liqueur – Made from Certificated fair trade Himalayan/ Tibetan Goji berries, macerated in neutral gran spirit for 36 hours with the addition of Malawi sugar
FAIR Cafe Liqueur -Made from Certificated fair trade Coffee beans from Huatusco region of Veracruz in Mexico , macerated in neutral gran spirit for 3 weeks with the addition of Malawi sugar



1st Place Cocktail:

Jason Hughes



“True Expressions”


1.5oz Fair Vodka.

.75oz Fair Goji.

1.5oz Organic Tangerine juice.

.5oz Locally sourced Dessert Blossom Sage/Mango Honey infused with Pink Peppercorn.

.75oz Citrus (Key lime/Lemon).

1-2 Dashes Spiced Fig Bitters.


1st. Start by making the cocktail twice. One cocktail is for the glass, and the second is for the garnish. Adding 1-2% per volume of gelatin to the cocktail and adding heat to the mixture allows the chemical bond to happen. Chill for a few hours to let harden.


Cocktail Glass.


Cocktail Jellies and a Goji/Pink peppercorn rim.


2nd place

Jaiver Ramirez


“The BeanStalk of Belize”

2oz of fair rum
1oz of house made brown Sugar and chipotle simple syrup
.5oz of dubonet
1oz of coffee infused fair vodka
Stirred in ice poured over ice coffee cubes and a touch of house made ginger beer

3rd place

Adam Carol


“Fair to Farmers”

1.5 oz Fair Rum

.75 oz Lime Juice

.75 oz Cherry/Red bell pepper Simple Syrup

Topped with a Smoked Fair Goji Foam

Coupe Glass

Red Bell Pepper String around the Cherry

4th place

Sarah Freedman


“Beet me Bloody”

1.5 oz fair vodka
1/2 oz vanilla simple syrup
2 tsp blood orange marmalade
3-4 small pieces of cooked beets
3 oz DRY Blood Orange soda

Muddle beets and SS. Add vodka and marmalade and shake with ice. Top off with soda.

5th place

Greg Rodriguez


“Harvey in the Cadillac”

2oz FAIR Qunioa Vodka

1oz Galliano

¾ oz Lemon Juice

Shake, Double strain into frozen double rocks glass.

Top it off with Orange Cadillac Foam

Orange Cadillac Foam

In the ISI Whipper I will pour:

4oz Orange Juice

3oz Egg Whites

2oz Grand Marnier

4 Dashes of Peach Bitters

Charge the whipper with 2 CO2 cartridges.


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For the Love of the Cocktail is well on the way to building a legacy. Every year since its conception, For the Love of the Cocktail’s attendance numbers have grown and the event has gained much acclaim. It is a continuation of the legacy of Helen David, and supports breast cancer awareness, while doing it with a lot of style.

This year the Las Vegas chapter of the USBG is again a proud partner with For The Love Of Cocktails which now has expanded from one event to a three-day long cocktails-for-charity festival. It brings together minds from all over the world with our own vibrant beverage community, all in support for a vital community program.

Out of the many happenings, one of the most alluring events is the USBG Downtown Bar Crawl and Food Truck Cocktail War. It is sure to delight both casual cocktailians as well as bona fide cocktail nerds with a one-of-a-kind culinary/mixological experience.

It is taking place Thursday, February 11th in Downtown Las Vegas. With leadership from our very own chapter of the United States Bartenders’ Guild, this unparalleled event brings together booze slingers from some of the top bars in the city with Las Vegas-based world class chefs. It will be an all out food truck smackdown equipped with savory sippers, tantalizing tangy tasters and all of the competitors will be sure to bring the goods!

The chefs and mixologists are already strategizing for this culinary feat of strength; I spoke with one of the teams which includes Gina Marinelli of D.O.C.G. and USBG member Julian Luna. Gina, who is a very talented and veteran competitor exclaimed, “I am very excited to participate in this event. My game plan is to stay focused and have a lot of fun with this competition. I believe my experiences in previous competitions will help me settle any nerves and keep me calm. I love cooking on food trucks and enjoy great battles. This keeps me young and on my toes!” Her partner Julian Luna added, “I think our game plan will be to learn about who we are as a people and to play off our individual styles. Of course, hospitality will be a huge focus. We need to make sure we create a show with a warm inviting atmosphere. I won’t call it a preview, but just know that anything we do will catch your eye and cause you to think!”

While cocktails and food pairings are under-utilized in the culinary and beverage world, USBG and BackBar realize this and are again pushing the boundaries regarding the craft of bartending. They realize that the opportunities for flavor proliferation and acceleration are astounding. The use of spice and flavors, compounding together has the potential to bring you to the pinnacle of flavor but if not used correctly can fall flat on their face. Julian Luna added, “I think this event is necessary to revitalize restaurants in general; many are one sided and to win this event you have to showcase a marriage between the two: restaurant and bar; good, good and good drinks!”

For all those who attend, the chefs will be serving samples of their culinary delights paired with the cocktails of the mixologists. The truck as a team will be judged on the pairings and all six teams will be vying for the perfect pairing as well as the Grand Prize of $1500. The three judges will be comprised of front & back of the house and a very special guest. There is also a crowd favorite prize of $500 bucks for the team that can most successfully woo the crowd!

The event will also include a multi-venue bar crawl and drinks made by cocktail god and champion for the cause, Tony Abou-Ganim. The Vegas icon will be preparing Helen David’s famous Tom & Jerry Cocktail! This unique cocktail is a blend of a brandy, spiced rum and holiday spices and is served hot. All proceeds from the Tom & Jerry stand will go directly to the Helen David Relief Fund. Ticket sales proceeds will go to the USBGLV and $5 of every ticket will go directly to the Helen David Relief Fund.

For ticket sales and information, click here.

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